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B.A.D. Mum Club T Shirt

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Part of the B.A.D. Mum Club?  If not, see if it's for you here...

"You tried going to the gym, hiring personal trainers with no real results.
You google’d “how to lose weight” on your own and you keep on going back to your comfort foods.
You’ve failed so many times before that you ask yourself why would you even try again to take back control of your health and time energy.
It's simple.
When you have an entire group of coaches and accountability buddies, healthy habits sink in as easy as pie 🥧
Let’s put your healthy habits on autopilot and free you from anxiety forever!
That is why we're running 5 day challenges to help you utilise the simple techniques to a healthier and happier life.
While everyone else is looking for yet another workout programme they can do at home, we focus on NUTRITION and MINDSET - the SMART way to staying healthy!
I will show you how you can gain TIME and FREEDOM by making small changes and being supported all the way.
Prizes will be rewarded in the end of each challenge to make it super fun and productive for ya'llz.

These T-Shirts are to show off being in the B.A.D. Mum Club with Monika and the team.  A soft cotton blend lady fit t-shirt with glittery writing.  Available in a range of sizes.  More merch coming soon!!


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