Recommended Businesses and Collaborations

B.A.D. Mums Club

I am the proud maker of merchandise for B.A.D Mum Club (Balanced, Authentic, Deserving).  Visit Monika and her team at B.A.D. mum club - Weightloss support | Facebook or her website Simple Meal Plan for Entrepreneur Women to Lose Weight Fast in the UK (

B.A.D. Mum Club T Shirt Promo   

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Danique Keepsakes

Danique Keepsakes produce the most beautiful memory gifts.  She turns clothing into cushions, bears, stuffed animals and blankets.  These are ideal for decluttering the baby clothes you have kept from your newborn to turn them into something memorable.  They are also a great memorial gift by using a loved ones clothing to turn them into a cushion or memory bear to help keep the memory alive of those who have passed.

If you would like to see more then  Click Here to be taken to the website.  As a bonus you also get 10% off by using code IWIP10.Triceratops Memory

DLS Coaching

I'm part of Dani's membership, Crafts for Success, which is all about helping creative people grow their hobby into a successful business. I was lucky enough to be a founding member since the start of the year and I have got so much value from the membership it's definitely worth it!

I have not only learned from the training that Dani provides, but also the support from Dani and the other members in the group. It's like a family who actually understand the struggles of a craft business.

I'm giving Dani's membership 5*s and would highly recommend.

If you would like to join too for £30/month for this amazing boost in your creative business then just sign up using this link:

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Not sure you want to commit?  Join for a 7 day trial for just £1 using this link: 

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