Become an Affiliate

Do you love our products?  Do you love sharing recommendations with your friends and family? Maybe you just want a way to earn some extra pennies in your spare time?

Here at I Want it Personalised I am happy to announce that we have an affiliate programme.  This means that you can sign up as an affiliate and by sharing your affiliate links with your friends or family you can earn some commission if they go on to make a purchase.

Benefits of being an Affiliate:

  • 10% commission on any sales made through your affiliate links.
  • Affiliate portal where you can track your sales and create product links if you want to promote a particular product.
  • Payment into your bank account or paypal monthly.
  • A Facebook support group for training, support and ideas.

Please note:

  • Being an affiliate does NOT guarantee you any money.
  • You can make a great success through affiliate sales, but you have to put the work in, it's not a get rich quick scheme.
  • You can leave at any time and any money due to you will be paid within 5 working days of your leaving date. (Please give notice directly to

If you would like to become an affiliate please feel free to use the sign up button below where you will be taken to the sign in/up page. 

To access the affiliate portal please follow the link below and sign in using the credentials you used when you signed up.

Sign In/Up Here